Pars Shoa Toos
پارس شعاع توس

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Observing the principles of customer rights and benefiting from constructive and continuous interaction with them

Pars Shoa Toos industrial base (PST) was founded in an area around 7000 square meters in 2000, following scientific investigations and experience for the purpose of expanding domestic products and creating employmentThis company was initiated into industry by producing T10 fluorescent lamps using the most advanced equipment and machinery made by GE Tungsram.PST, one of the most respectable manufacturers of energy saving lamps, has been able to present environmentally-friendly products of high quality through applying superior technical knowledge, seeking the cooperation of experts and qualified engineers and continuous correspondence with major related companies.


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Address: No.207, 6th Ave.,Andishe Blvd., Toos Industrial Estate, Mashad , IRAN
P.O.BOX : 9185113111
Tel: +98 51 35411634
FAX: +98 51 35413008